16 LED Submersible Waterproof Light


1 controller 1 Lamp
  • 1 controller 1 Lamp
  • 1 controller 2 Lamp
  • 1 controller 3 Lamp
  • 1 controller 4 Lamp
  • 1 controller 5 Lamp
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About this item

This entertaining LED Waterproof Multicolor Light, you can light up your bath or have a lit pool party! With a single click of the remote, select from 16 different colors (RGB & White), four different light modes (flash, strobe, fade, smooth), and turn on and off (battery included). It contains 16 long-lasting LED lights that will brighten up any room with vibrant color! To use, twist off the top, enter 3 AAA batteries (not supplied), tighten the top, and press the on/off button on the remote. Baths, vases, aquariums, fountains, and pools are all great places to put them. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating and can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water. They can also be used for indoor/outdoor decoration in arid climates.

Product Details:
16 Bright Colors
Battery Operated
Remote Included
Use in Wet and Dry Areas
For use in water or dry areas
16 LED Long lasting lights
4 Light Modes (Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth)
Submersible up to 3ft
RGB (15 colors + white light)


1 controller 1 Lamp, 1 controller 2 Lamp, 1 controller 3 Lamp, 1 controller 4 Lamp, 1 controller 5 Lamp


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