KIT KAT Milk Chocolate Wafer King Size (24ct)


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About this item

This Kit Kat Milk Chocolate King Size Wafer Bar is perfect for a quick snack. It consists of numerous sticks that may be snapped apart with a gratifying snap. This Kit Kat wafer bar is covered in a thick layer of rich chocolate. The inside of each piece is beautifully crunchy. This Kit Kat in king size is big enough to share. Break it up and pass it around at a party to keep it available for a fast snack. This candy bar can be used as a garnish or component in a number of delectable deserts.

3 Oz KIT KAT Milk Chocolate Wafer King Size
Perfect for on the go snacking
Crispy and sweet, with smooth milk chocolate
A kosher treat
Use as part of various desserts


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