Interviews with 鶹’ Active Duty and Reserve Military Members

Saturday May 20, 2023

鶹 is proud to support the ongoing commitments of our National Guard and Reserve employees. Similar to construction, there is always a need to refresh skills and have up-to-date safety information. 鶹 supports these employees during training and deployments and is proud to welcome them home and work with them to transition back to the jobsite when their deployment ends. Learn more from our active and reserve military members.

Deicy Acosta, National Guard

Office Engineer, Northern California Region

How has 鶹 supported the transition away and upon return?

鶹 has been very understanding and supportive when I need to take time for military training.  

Dustin Sack, Army Reserves

Field Engineer, Southwest Region

In a typical training cycle, what is your time commitment?

In person, I’m at my unit about three days a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Every year, we also do about two weeks straight to catch up on all the things that we couldn’t get done, as far as training or sending our soldiers to specialty schools.

Kyle Jones, National Guard

Field Engineer, Southwest Region

How has your military experience helped you at 鶹?

My military experience has helped my ability to communicate better with the coworkers, trade partners and owners that I interact with. My experience has also helped me get along with people even if we have drastically different backgrounds.