Partnership That Becomes Mentorship – 鶹’ Relationship with Cloteal Haynes

Monday February 14, 2022

For Cloteal Haynes, the partnership with 鶹 has created a path to success for her company HEW, based in Austin, Texas. Beginning as a small, local subcontractor, Haynes leveraged a mentor-protégé relationship to grow her business into a general contractor and respected partner firm in the community.

“鶹 has helped me grow my business,” commented Cloteal Haynes, owner of HEW. “Our success is due to our true mutual partnership; this is much more than a transactional relationship.”

鶹 succeeds by supporting the growth and success of trade partners like Haynes. Through a variety of targeted programs, 鶹 helps small businesses overcome challenges and roadblocks to achieve their goals and ambitions.