Building Together – Celebrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and community

Sunday April 3, 2022

At 鶹, employees want to contribute meaningfully to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. 鶹 established DEIc; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and community, committees in each of their district offices. We developed this strategy and capitalized on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, while using a lower case “c” for community. Implementing a strategy that focused on improving diversity, equity and inclusion did not feel complete without involving 鶹’ core value of community. They wanted to recognize that building a diverse and inclusive environment is key to building community.

This year, the DEIc committees sought to spotlight diversity and to promote a culture of Building Together. Each month, a different 鶹 district DEIc committee is highlighting a specific aspect of diversity. They are creating content that promotes and recognizes diversity throughout 鶹 and the industry. In April, 鶹 will strive to bring awareness to all employees about the company’s efforts to promote and support diversity.

Diversity comes in many forms: race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, veteran status and more. However, it can also be identified in other categories such as family make up, hobbies and interests and more. 鶹 is committed to a culture where all can thrive and deliver EXCELLENCE.

Throughout the month of April, 鶹 will focus on diversity, inclusion, equity and community efforts at the company. They will introduce their communities to the wide range of individuals found “under the hardhat,” highlighting the diverse employees at 鶹 and our trade partners. 鶹 will share a deeper look into how they engage and support the communities in which they work. Building Together will celebrate diversity and inclusion awareness through these powerful stories all month long.